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Chris Duffett

Welcome to my blog…

…it’s a right mish-mash of stuff on here, my art, poetry, writing, some adventures and what I DSCF1063do in my day to day job. I live near Cambridge with my lovely family, Ruth my wife and 3 young children.

So, what do I do? Well, I am a street evangelist and artist, I’m a Baptist minister and founder of The Light Project, a growing network of people who actively demonstrate the Christian message and train others in theology and evangelism.

I have also served as President of the Baptist Union 2012- 2013 where I encouraged as many churches as possible to be Big Hearted and to reach out to those around them with the good news of Jesus.The Lord Bless you

I work for The Light Project full time… this involves serving as the city centre chaplain in Peterborough, mission enabler for some Churches and I am also involved in The Pioneer Collective, a group of us who have a goal to see 400 new Baptist pioneers over the next 5 years!

I love to reach out to people from all walks of life, I believe that the message of Jesus is relevant today to transform peoples lives, like mine. Why? I believe that Jesus is alive and that He made me a new creation when I believed in Him and the outrageously lavish gift of His life for mine… I believe that it is only through Jesus that we may find peace with God. street invasion 2013 5

17 thoughts on “Home page

  1. I hear you are making the long trek north to CLAN again this year. I was the English lady with the tent that was smaller than her car. Some time ago Rick and I worked out that we had been to schools that were next door to each other. Those were the days when the Chester City Grammar school only took boys and the High school only girls. I was part of the very last girls only intake and Rick is old enough to have missed all the mergers of my era.

    When I was barely a teenager some of the girls in the sixth form who went to Hoole Baptist Church set up a CU for the younger pupils. Years later I asked the Lord when did I really become a christian and I was reminded of the prayer in the book of bible reading notes that those girls made sure that I had. I wonder now if they knew that their efforts bore any fruit.

    These days I go to a baptist church but in County Durham. Therefore CLAN is only half the distance for me than it is for you. I am hoping to be able to go up there again this summer. Now I just have to try and persaude some of the other folks from my church to come up with me.

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could use the Tree of Life picture that I found on this site. Please let me know! Thank you!

    Bethany Lewis

  3. Hi Chris, read about ouy in IDEA Evangelical Alliance paper. Am a Baptist Minister in a community Church looking for fresh evangelistic ideas. Please to hear about the Big Hearted tour. Any idea when you might get around to the Brighton area and even come to little Southwick West sussex….

  4. Chris you are due to visit us in the EMBA in May. So looking forward to you coming. I have just watched the clip you ma=de about the Big Hearted tour…..the piece you read towards the end….stunned by it. Can you tell me where this is taken from and if I can use it at all. Leading a service soon and it would be wonderful to use. The Church where I minister is on a significant journey towards missional living.
    Thanks Elaine Burrows

  5. Hi Chris, this is Catalin do you remember me the Rumanian who you pray for my on my Birthday on 2 march in Rumanian Church I just remember you and I just want to let you know that I continue to Pray for you and ask you to pray for me also God Bless you
    ps: I will send you a e-mail this day these days

  6. Hi Chris, just wondering if we can have a chat about some ideas for blessing people at our community festival we are organising for 26th August.
    Attended your Big H tour day in Minchinhampton (Weba) last year and think that now is the time to run with some of your creative ideas.
    My number is 07954386016. If you are happy to do this maybe you could send me a text and I can ring you at a time which is convenient to you.

  7. Chris – do you ever find that in places where you grew up, people are a bit more sceptical or difficult to reach? Being brought up and working in the same place, sometimes I do – I call it the Nazareth experience!

  8. A real inspiring read this morning. I pray God gives you today a miracle you need in your life. God bless you your family and your work.

  9. Chris – not expecting a reply to this in your busy life, but just to say a BIG ‘thanks!’ for every way that you & your ministry delight and encourage me any time I hear of you. Your cont. to 40acts today much appreciated. Blessings and power, bro!

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