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SimonGoddardMy most recent book ‘Big Hearted’ is co-written with Simon Goddard who has recently been appointed as one of the Eastern Association Regional ministers.

It is described by John Drane as ‘invaluable inspiration– though for church life as it now is, it needs to carry a health warning!’ IDEA magazine described Big Hearted as ‘…inspiring, accessible and refreshing.’

The new, soon to be re-published edition has been described by Our Baptist Union of Great Britain’s general secretary in this way:

“I love this book. It’s the real deal! Brilliant, funny, messy, risky and inspiring! The stories are incredibly moving, honest and empowering. by the end you will really believe that you can do this stuff.”New edition book cover

My book ‘Smack Heads and Fat Cats’ is a practical guide to evangelism. I would have called it, ‘how to be really good and sharing your faith.’ but no-one would have bought it!

Rear cover:
This book is about a subject which isn’t too sexy in Christian circles: evangelism.
Through storytelling and biblical teaching, Smack Heads and Fat Cats outlines a vision for evangelism which doesn’t just preach the message, but lives the message. Which loves people enough to show them what Jesus is like.
It’s an invitation to join the adventure of being good news. Because everyone, from the street to the boardroom, needs to hear it.

Smack Heads and Fat Cats is a gripping challenge to love people who are not yet followers of Christ and to give them an opportunity to experience what it means to be a Christian. It is a call to engage in the adventure of being the good news.
Written in three parts it outlines: a vision for evangelism; a biblical mandate for why we should be good news; and how we can do evangelism.

From the Foreword:
“I’ve read lots of books on evangelism. Yet this one made me rethink some of my cherished assumptions, and above all inspired me to see people as God sees them. I think it will do the same for you. Read, enjoy, and ask God to use you to show and share the faith to others.”
James Lawrence, Director of Leadership Development, CPAS

A great book for those who are secretly afraid of the ‘e’ word…engaging, it makes theology of evangelism truly simple.
Nix Shephard, Youth Worker

Visionary Evangelism – Review in the Baptist Times, Thursday October 29th 2009 by The Revd Ian Bunce, Head of Mission BU
This book, by Chris Duffett, an accredited evangelist with the Baptist Union, is a useful contribution to the drought in thinking on the subject of evangelism.

Many observers have stated that the last 15 years have seen a move of evangelistic activities within the churches towards social action. This of course has led to many exciting and godly exercises, not least Hope 08. The weakness of this trend has been the statement recorded in that connection: ‘Some nice people came and tidied our street, we do not know who they are or why they did it.’

Chris charts his own journey and the discoveries he has made in his own ministry, and the setting up of The Light Project in Chester. There are moments of conversion in thinking and stories that make you sit up and think. In there main sections, Chris charts a vision for evangelism, why we should do it and a more practical section on how we can engage in it. His passion for God and his love for people seeps out of every page of this partly autobiographical reflection of God at work through his ministry.
Chris’s point is that to make a difference you need to get alongside people, without judgement or patronisation. With echoes of Floyd McClung’s Father Heart of God, it reaffirms Christ’s call to truly enter the world which is inhabited by the ‘smack heads’ (heroin addicts), to share the bench, make friends and show the genuine love of Christ in deed and action. This message is helpfully reinforced by case studies that bring the issue alive with real people and the testimonies of the work of God.
This is a read that leaves you examining your ministry, the way we do mission and our understanding of evangelism.



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