The Light Project Network

UK lights

My vision for the UK is for communities of Christians engaging in vibrant expressions of faith sharing… everywhere. My hope is that very person who lives on this Island would have an opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Jesus.

There are now four projects that have linked into The Light Project network… a growing Light Project Peterborough team, the arts centre in Great Gransden a project in Wimborne called Street Light and the original of all light projects based in Chester who deliver the training as well as serving many churches in Chester in reaching out into their communities.

6 thoughts on “The Light Project Network

  1. Hi there, earlier in the year I e mailed you to ask whether Chris would be able to come to our Church (Bideford Baptist Church N Devon). You very kindly replied with information about the work and also how much the cost would be depending how long we wanted Chris to come for.
    Unfortunately I have accidently deleted the email, could you possibly send me the details again .
    Thank you

  2. Hey Chris, is there anything I can do for the Light Project Team Peterborough? Lee and I are back in the UK now and based in Spalding Lincs but Lee’s job is based in Peterborough. Would love to be part of the Light Project once more.

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