Holy socks!

It's become part of 'what we do' for our students at every residential at The Light Project College. Every Sunday after lunch we send our students out with a gift to give away and yesterday each student received a pair of socks. The challenge to them was to carry the socks and look for someone … Continue reading Holy socks!

Postcards and hugs 

   We had a few hours to explore and hang out in Cambridge. Amy, one of the students with The Light Project was visiting to glean ideas for town centre evangelism for Poole on the south coast.    We went to hand out free Cambridge postcards and also Free Hugs. The gestures prompted some questions … Continue reading Postcards and hugs 

4 reasons why all ministers should have a sabbatical

I really love my job. I'm in my second week of a 3 month writing Sabbatical and I realise that perhaps I love my job a  bit too much. I'm going to miss what I do. Lots. I count it an immense privilege to do what I do it's an ache not doing it, which I guess has prompted me to write … Continue reading 4 reasons why all ministers should have a sabbatical