The Invisible Church

This article first appeared in Missionscene. --------------------------------------------- Have you heard the story of the group of mums who were surprised to discover that the parents and toddlers group they had enjoyed for years, actually met in a local Baptist church building and not a community centre? Or have you heard the one where most people in a … Continue reading The Invisible Church

You can do it!

This article first appeared in Baptist Life. October- December edition. You can see the original here. Whenever one of my three children faces a challenge the other two start a kind of chant which I join: ‘You can do it, you can do it!’ It brings a smile to the face of the one struggling and some renewed confidence as … Continue reading You can do it!

Don’t talk to strangers!

Billy* didn’t believe me that I was a Baptist minister, returning from Dundee where I had spoken at the Baptist Assembly in Scotland. "You’re no *&%$£ vicar! You’re having a *%$£ laugh!" he declared loudly for the benefit of the packed easyjet plane to hear as we waited to disembark. He looked me in the … Continue reading Don’t talk to strangers!