Lighthouse cafe and arts centre


Chris Duffett, who works for The Light Project and leads Lighthouse café

Have you seen the transformation of the old school room in Great Gransden Baptist Church? It is now called Lighthouse café and we are open every Tuesday and for special events and concerts throughout the year.

IMG_7937As well as serving Fairtrade teas, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks we have a terrific range of home made cakes, bread roles and scones lovingly made each week made by local people.

People have found Lighthouse café to be a good place to make new friends, have some peace and quiet, read the papers or make use of creative space too.

On most weeks our creative table is booked up for people to show off their crafts and artistic skills and we have had candles, Body shop goodies and card making too!

LightYou can find us behind 8 Sand Rd, Great Gransden.

Follow the signs for Lighthouse café.

Lighthouse café has been made possible through the generosity of people’s time, baking, as well as a generous grant given to The Light Project by The Baptist Insurance Company that has enabled Chris to lead and develop the café. If you would like information on Baptist Insurance please do click the logo below:

untitled (10)
We are also open for a bring and share meal the 2nd Thursday of every month before we have a short time of prayer for the community.untitled (11)

For more information you can like us on like us on facebook!

Here are some of the highlights from this past year capturing the artists and people who have enjoyed the café!

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Salena Shakti Radford says:

    Hi, i live in the village as from late last year and i would love to get involved in the community, having just found you on facebook i would like to ask about the cafe and possible voluntary work?

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks Selena,
      We’re still in the process of getting things fixed up- how about popping over to have a look and we could talk possibilities for voluntary work.
      with thanks, Chris

      1. Salena Shakti Radford says:

        ohh just seen yuur reply and for some reason thought i woudl “know” when i had a reply, as ofen notifications arrive in mail box’s .. however still very interested, so will pop over mayhaps next Tues14th DEC 🙂 ahh i never clicked notification box before

  2. Enid Russell says:

    Chris – trying to figure out how I can donate a couple of bob! 🙂 All sound very exciting. Don’t burn out, petal!

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks Enid..most kind. Please do email me on and I can direct you as to how to give. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Salena Shakti Radford says:

    16TH DEC i mean 🙂

  4. Salena Shakti Radford says:

    busy so shall drop in after( Xmas and see 🙂

  5. mumsybear says:

    Visited last week; lovely atmosphere, wonderful building. Do you need any oddments for crafts?

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you! Oddments always welcome!

  6. Samson Fadehan says:

    Hi Chris,
    I will like to say I am very impress with all of the work the Holy Spirit is doing through your ministries. I became aware of some of the great works you are doing through Jeanine from Compassion UK and will like to ask how you could help our Church in the area of Church growth.
    Our Church is based in Luton Town. We have been struggling for a very long time but I believe God can turn things around for his glory for the VINEYARD OF HOPE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES of which I am the Pastor for 6years.

    Many blessing,
    Samson Fadehan

  7. Samson Fadehan says:

    More anointing

  8. David Robertson says:

    Hi Chris. David the cameraman here. Just tried to email you but the one you list above does not seem to be working.

    1. Chris says:

      Sorry Dave! I got your message- I will reply when I get back from Bardsey but it would be awesome to order some dvds!

  9. Daniel Holland says:

    Chris so lovely to see you….how can we make a donation to the cafe? Dan

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks Dan! You’re so kind buddy! Can you drop me an email?

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