Little garden of Hope

I’ve been following our College and Collective daily challenges to be light in this painful and strange time. You too can see them on our Facebook page here: Link to Light College and Collective They’re simple daily challenges ranging from painting a picture for someone to putting up a poster of encouragement in your window. … Continue reading Little garden of Hope

The art of searching

I've been thinking a lot about the story of the 'pearl of great price.' You may know the short parable already, but just in case here it is: "Also, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant who was searching for fine pearls. When he found a valuable pearl, he went away, sold everything he … Continue reading The art of searching

Holy socks!

It's become part of 'what we do' for our students at every residential at The Light Project College. Every Sunday after lunch we send our students out with a gift to give away and yesterday each student received a pair of socks. The challenge to them was to carry the socks and look for someone … Continue reading Holy socks!

Serving as chaplain on a remote island without electricity or WiFi.

So, what do you actually do for nearly 2 weeks on an island without WiFi and electricity? Check out this short film from Chris’ latest experience of serving as Bardsey Island Chaplain.

Evangelism and art

Recently I led a small team of 7 people to explore different ways of painting with the hope that together we would then give some of the paintings away. For some, this was a brand new experience so I gave plenty of time to 'play' with the materials and explore different techniques as well as … Continue reading Evangelism and art

Painting and talking about Jesus down the pub as part of our Baptist Assembly

Last weekend was our annual assembly for the Baptist Union, and what an uplifting time it was too. It happened in Telford and rather than teach some seminars about evangelism I was asked to lead some outreach into the town centre for an opportunity for people to have a practical go at evangelism. In the … Continue reading Painting and talking about Jesus down the pub as part of our Baptist Assembly