The Chrysalis

Click this link to get your prints! (Available until the end of October) Originally painted for Stockport Churches for a new community hub and café, this Monarch Chrysalis to butterfly process is all about new life. From death to life. Transformation of the old into the new. This whole past 'loss of a season' … Continue reading The Chrysalis

He reached down from on high.

"He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” I’ve done a series of paintings recently based on a simple verse from 2 Samuel 22.17. The one above is a large 90cm by 90cm painting with gold leaf, inks, masking fluid and acrylic paint this beauty … Continue reading He reached down from on high.

The great embrace

I miss hugging people in this time of the world wide pandemic. I’m going to hug more often when this is all over! It’s hard keeping your distance when you see people suffering. The Easter story is a story of a great embrace. Transcendent holy God embracing humankind in our suffering by taking upon himself, … Continue reading The great embrace