2420344What I offer:

One of my roles as an evangelist within The Light Project is to inspire Churches to work together in local mission in their town or city.

“My passion is to help churches to work together across towns and cities in creative and Holy Spirit empowered ways in sharing the good news of Jesus.”

I’m not usually available to be booked to speak at an individual church on a Sunday or for training in evangelism, but rather to work with Churches strategically in mission for their town or city.

1.Serving churches together for town and city wide missions

  1. 2013-03-10 19.32.55Consultation with Church leaders to develop a strategy together.
  2. Training Christians from all denominations in evangelism.
  3. Enabling small groups to engage in mission in their community through a focused week/fortnight of mission.
  4. Follow up and journey with churches as to how to build upon the mission.

Two examples of this kind of serving has been ‘Love Bicester’ and ‘Restore Clacton’ where I helped the churches work together in small groups to design ways that they could show others that they were known and loved by Jesus.



2. Brighter

BrighterI teach on a course called ‘Brighter’- to help Christians shine through receiving power, confidence and creativity. It is run over 5 evenings for churches wanting to work together to encourage evangelism as a way of life. The main session are:

  1. How to shine brighter
  2. How to tell my story
  3. How to be creative in faith sharing
  4. How to tell God’s story
  5. How to receive power

3. Speaking at conferences and events

I am available to Me at the Baptist Union of Scotland Assembly be booked to speak at conferences and events to inspire people to share faith with an emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit and His power in enabling Christians to go and tell the good news.

Please email me if you would like to make an explore booking me to speak or train in evangelism: chris.duffett@lightproject.org.uk



  • The suggested donation to The Light Project is £350 for a full day and £200 for a half day.
  • The suggested donation for Brighter is £1000
  • NB: I don’t work on Saturdays so this needs consideration in your planning.
  • Any gift/payment goes towards the charitable work of The Light Project and helps fund the ministry.
  • Expenses are paid To ‘The Light Project’ for mileage at 40p per mile or the cost of Public Transport.

Short bio:

Chris lives near Cambridge with his wife Ruth and 3 children. He is a street evangelist and artist at heart who founded The Light Project, a growing IMG_7533network of people who actively demonstrate the Christian message and train others in theology and evangelism. Chris’ passion is to help churches in creativity and Holy Spirit empowered ways of sharing the good news of Jesus.

Chris currently serves as the city centre chaplain in Peterborough, and helps lead a rural café in Cambridgeshire called lighthouse.

His most recent book ‘Big Hearted’ is described by John Drane as:

“…invaluable inspiration– though for church life as it now is, it needs to carry a health warning!”