Building sculptures

I studied Art and Theology at Chester College, now the University of Chester.

After my degree I became way too busy being a church worker and leader and didn’t continue with my art for nearly 15 years!  6 years ago I regained my passion for the arts, especially painting with a spluttering of sculpting too.

I love using all kinds of art to share something of what I believe as a follower of Jesus, some of this is commissioned and exhibited, other creative works are made and then given away to those I ‘happen to meet’ in public spaces. It is then I find that pictures do speak a 1000 words, and many see meaning and mystery in simple paintings that I wouldn’t have been able to convey in words. I have painted and drawn many pictures that seek to bring something of God’s heart to others hearts, prophetically bringing pictures that comfort, strengthen and encourage.


4 thoughts on “Artist

  1. How can I buy your art Chris? You probably don’t know me but I went to Matthew Henry evangelical Church in blacon and got married in Ebenezer baptist Church 2 year’s ago. I was just wondering if you have any lighthouse pictures and where in the country you are atm?

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