Welcome to my blog…


It’s a glorious mish-mash of stuff on here, lots of my art, some poetry, books that I’ve written and some adventures of what I do in my day to day ministry as an evangelist and artist.

I live in rural Cambridgeshire with my wife Ruth and our 3 adult-ish children.

So what do I actually do? Well, I am:

  • A Baptist minister
  • Founder of The Light Project, a growing network of people who exist to reveal Jesus.
  • Co-Principal of the Light College offering a practical FdA and BA in Theology, mission and evangelism, validated by the University of Chester.
  • A mission enabler for some Churches
  • Co lead lighthouse café and I am also involved in a local Baptist church. .

I love to reach out to people from all walks of life, I believe that the message of Jesus is relevant today to transform peoples lives like he has changed mine. I believe that it is only through Jesus that we may find true peace with God.

Here’s a taster of what I do filmed by Stewardship services and their 40 Acts of Generosity a few years ago!