Have you forgotten how much God wants to use you to bring His heart to those you meet?

Divine appointments are characterised by:

1- People you meet saying ‘it was meant to be’ and ‘I was meant to meet you today.’

2- An openness to what you have as a follower of Jesus. It is well received and often brings a response such as ‘I will find out more’ or ‘how can I become a christian?’

3- They always come out of a place of obedience. In my divine appointment this morning I felt the Spirit say ‘ask him if you can ask him about his dreams as I want to speak into them.’ So I had a choice. Keep silent in the taxi or simply ask the question!

So, this morning I had a word of knowledge for the taxi driver about his life and he simply said, ‘yes that’s true, that is me.’ His heart was wide open to hear more of the good news of Jesus and how much God wants to work on his life. Here’s a simple encouragement:

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