I love teaching. My relationship with teaching hasn’t always been quite so amorous. I used to teach a bit like an information spewing machine which was both exhausting for me and my listeners! This mornings experience was more about ‘caught than taught’ an opportunity to have a go, hear some stories and reflect on the exercises and revue how well they had gone.

Working with YWAM Cambridge this morning made teaching easy I must admit. Their enthusiasm and question asking made the session flow as we looked at creativity and evangelism and why being creative is, I believe, one of the most important lessons for followers of Jesus in communicating the christian faith. The three pouts that I outlined this morning were:

Creativity is a good vehicle to carry the message.

Creativity speaks where words don’t quite cut it.

Creativity brings the unexpected.

One of the paintings a student made in an exercise

At The Light College we specialise in using the gifts we’ve been given to demonstrate the good news of Jesus. We have a bit of a mantra that weaves throughout our teaching programmes: Good news needs to be understood as good news, otherwise it’s no news, which is bad news.

It was so good to be joined by John and Helen from Farnworth Baptist Church near Bolton.

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