I love third Sunday’s. They’re a highlight within a line of busy and good Sunday’s in a year where I’m often busy preaching, teaching or leading lecture blocks with our college

I find it such an incredible privilege to do what I do at Gamlingay Baptist Church, a church I have recently joined to help and serve in their mission to reach out to the community.

Third Sunday is simply an opportunity to spend the whole of Sunday being church for the sake of those who aren’t part of the church. I can’t help wonder, what would our communities look like if every church community took just one Sunday a month to intentionally show and tell what it means to be a follower of Jesus?

Today I have prayed with people, shared prophetic words with people, given two large paintings away, 7 little water colour paintings and 40 free prints… and also met a friend for lunch who wouldn’t consider coming to a ‘service’ with me but is happy to meet over a coffee and cake.

If you’re reading this and wondering how you too could develop a Sunday a month to do something that is accessible and open to your community can I encourage you to go for it! And I’m sure the minister and my good friend and fellow baptist minister Adrian Semerene would be be happy for you to come and see what we get up to on third Sunday’s at Gamlingay Baptist Church!

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