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Originally painted for Stockport Churches for a new community hub and café, this Monarch Chrysalis to butterfly process is all about new life. From death to life. Transformation of the old into the new.

This whole past ‘loss of a season’ has been cocoon like, a liminal place where I have not known what is to come. Yet, I have hope and I pray that this simple imagery may pass on the hope that I have. 

On the back there is an explanation of the painting. With a blessing. 

There are three encouragements which I write briefly about: 

There is life.

There is hope.

There is a good future.

This is what the blessing says:

May you know the closeness of the One who brings new life.

May you know the hope of what is to come.

May you be guarded by peace and know that your future is in good hands. Amen.

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