Yesterday I saw throughout the day a series of divine appointments. Do you know what they are? One definition describes them like this:

Divine appointments are Spirit led appointments that give us the opportunity to be used in God’s service for the advancement of His Kingdom.

My experience of them is that the people who I have randomly met and I have a sense that we were ‘meant to meet.’ I can often tell they’re divine appointments as they are characterised by phases such as ‘it’s funny I’ve met you today as… (and they then pour out their heart as to what’s been happening.) Or ‘we were meant to meet today.’ Sometimes the person who I meet says things like ‘God has led you to me today.’

Hearing the feedback from the people who went out into Telford yesterday as part of #doyouknowhim? and the opportunities they had to share Jesus spoke of divine appointments and the amazing way Jesus had organised for us to meet people and bring his good news to others.

We had teams go out with signs enabling good socially distanced conversations while others went out to simply see where the Spirit would lead them. Some of the people went and ‘planted’ little signs of Hope around the parks for people to find!

I set up a ‘free art’ table and waited for people to come over and talk about what we were offering. Out of this simple set up flowed some good conversations and good news!

I wonder, as we begin to emerge out of this pandemic would you dare pray for divine appointments? Would you be available to share good news and being hope to those who need it?

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