I need your help.

At the end of November I’m taking 5 or so days to paint prophetically. 4 scenes of dawn entitled ‘It’s a new day’ with a prayer that this may serve as a symbol of hope for the new day that is dawning. The paintings will be 4 scenes from the UK capturing sunrise in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

The starting point and motivation for this project came from an early morning when I served as chaplain for a week on the island of Bardsey. I captured some simple scenes then, and developed some more abstract paintings with light breaking through into the new day.

I want to build upon the paintings I have already done and go large and paint some bigger and bolder ones! I ‘m really convinced that there is a new day for us coming. This pandemic has brought many of us into a ‘wilderness experience’ where we have suffered loss and are grieving. We miss how life used to be and are suffering. I believe our nation will have a fresh start and we have an opportunity to trust the one who makes things new!

I hope to produce 4 large scale paintings similar to these small ones above which I hope to exhibit in 2021.

So, can you help by sending me your favorite sunrise photo from one of our nations in Great Britain? These pictures will help as a starting point for me to paint. The top 4 pictures I choose will receive a gift of thanks of my 2021 Pictures of Hope calendar. Send your pictures to me at chris.duffett@me.com

2 thoughts on “It’s a new day

  1. so inspiring to see your effort and diligence Chris. I pray for your work to reach the right audience of admirers and enthusiasts and that your efforts are rewarded handsomely. all the best. stay blessed.

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