New Day Dawning

It’s grey and miserable and it feels like I haven’t seen the sun for an age and a half!

Two weeks ago I watched it rise. It was a morning like no other- an opportunity to simply sit and wait for the sun to dawn. Here’s a short film of 5 paintings that have flowed out of that morning:

As we plodded up the mountain a friend who was staying on the mountain asked if I had done any painting in the week that I had served as chaplain.

I replied that regrettably while I had hoped to have painted nothing had flowed.

Returning from watching the sunrise I captured a few small paintings showing the dawn. A few more paintings flowed showing the sunset and I surprised myself how quickly the spark of watching the sunrise brought about a load of creativity.

These paintings have flowed out of that sunrise experience. It’s about the subtle light breaking through and as the sun rises the world changes.

These dawn paintings are all about having hope for breakthrough!

For many of us this season has been too long and we eagerly wait and watch for a new day dawning, one where freedom to meet and celebrate and sing is restored once more, but the longing is for more. It’s for that time when the One has created all things declares ‘look, I make all things new!’

New day Dawning II
New day
The deepest night is as clear as the day

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