Lockdown came as a double whammy.

Alongside the usual stress and hoo-ha that each one of us faced.

I struggled not doing the creative evangelism I have been doing for nearly 25 years face to face, that quite simply gives me life! So I came up with an idea to help spread the good news of Jesus in different ways and offer some free art prints. Using my gifts as an artist to bless others!

I must be honest and say that the idea was also about getting my art work ‘out there’ as I work part time as an artist and I hoped people seeing my work may bring them back to buy from my huge array of art prints, cards and packs on line.

So, over the last 6 months I’ve given nearly 15000 free prints as part of a small way of spreading hope and love in this Covid pandemic. I’ve been humbled as to how they have blessed people!

I have a friend and neighbour who has found the circling prayer really helpful…
Thank you for making your artwork available. You’re a real blessing!

Thank you very much for my free prints. How generous of you.They are beautiful. I will keep one for myself and the other two will go to family members for whom I've been praying for for years. I will have them framed properly and give them as Christmas presents.
May God reward you for your kindness.

I recently visited an elderly women in the village where I live and was blown away to see how my prints were in her living room and in frames too!

The art work has meant a lot to her and had brought about comfort in an isolated and difficult few months.

I have some stock left from my giveaways and I’m combining them all into this outrageous offer until the end of September!

The 8 free prints come with a gentle challenge: give 4 of them away (and keep 4 as a gift!) The 4 free prints are:

1) Deep Breathe. A painting of wild geese representing the Holy Spirit.

2) Cosmic Christ. A reminder that in all this time, God holds the world in his hands!

3) Courage: the God who see’s us. A painting reminding us that God sees and knows us!

4) Circle Me God. A prayer asking God to surround us.

These high quality Matt prints measures 20cm by 20cm. They are stunning!


Here is a prayer that I’ve written for the ‘ Circle me God’ prints inspired from the ancient Celtic prayer ‘caim’ which is an encircling prayer asking God for protection to surround an individual and keep good things close and bad this afar.

These high quality Matt prints measures 20cm by 20cm.

Feathers are used in this painting (and often features in Chris’ art work) to symbolise God’s protection and closeness.

Feathers are linked to some ancient poems in the bible describing God’s covering and closeness including this verse from Psalm 57: ‘Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.’

On the back of the card a simple prayer is written out:

Circle me God, keep peace in and anxiety out

Circle me God, keep protection in and danger out

Circle me God, keep your love in and fear out. Amen

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