I’ve been following our College and Collective daily challenges to be light in this painful and strange time. You too can see them on our Facebook page here:

They’re simple daily challenges ranging from painting a picture for someone to putting up a poster of encouragement in your window.

The idea that really caught my imagination and I’m developing was created by one of our students as part of an assignment for his module in Creative Arts and Media in Mission and Evangelism. Rickie developed this idea on social media as well as on the streets of his local community.

My adaptation is simply to encourage people to name a little garden of hope. I provide instructions and a small wooden cross and a pebble. The rest is up to the people who decide to make one!

So far today (Good Friday) around 12 families have taken a kit. I shall leave them out all weekend as a reminder of the reason we celebrate Easter.

How could you do something this Easter holiday that (safely) helps people engage with the Easter story?

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