This morning someone called round to pick up a painting from my home. It’s one that I’ve worked on over the last 3 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed painting it. There’s been loads of colour and vibrant light.

There’s lots of symbolism and meaning behind the painting which are personal to the person I painted it for, so I won’t share too much other than the title of the painting is: ‘The best is yet to come!’

The best is yet to come!

Would you consider commissioning me to paint for you. It may be to celebrate a significant birthday or anniversary! You can find details of sizes and prices by clicking here:

Please get in touch. The usual process is like this:

1) I will pray and ask the Lord for inspiration as to what to paint. In the meantime please send me details of things that may help- like colours that you would like. 

2) You choose what size painting you would like.

3) I will send you sketches to see what you think and if you like the ideas and they connect with you. 

4) I will paint for you (it usually takes about 4 weeks depending on demand for commissions!)

5) I will send you a photo of the final painting and if you like it…

6) You pay for the painting including postage or delivery if its not too far, or come and collect it. 

7) I get the painting to you!

Email me on:

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