With my friend Adrian Semerene teaching at Ridley Hall

Yesterday I spoke at Ridley Hall college in Cambridge on ‘Creative worship.’

Part of the day was a practical for the students to capture something of their story of the ‘from and to.’ The challenge I gave them was to show where they had journeyed from and to where? Here are some of the ‘from and to’s’ the students came up with:

From darkness to light.

From solitude to being held.

From death and trauma to life.

From broken glass to a sea of crystal.

From chaos to peace.

This is what some of them captured in a simple technique using acrylic inks painted with feathers!

From darkness to light

I was encouraged by what they made, but what blessed me more was the way the students engaged with the theme of creativity and how God is able to use what they have to help others engage with the christian faith.

In what way do you creatively share your faith? What is your ‘from and to’ story?

Students hard at work creating something in an abstract way that captures their story.

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