In this new series of paintings for 2020 Chris Duffett shares 4 unique limited edition prints of the original prophetic art work painted at Fresh Streams annual gathering 2020.

They all have the theme of courage and Chris took the courage to paint in a different and more abstract way.

Courage- The God who sees me

It has been created using acrylics, spray paint and inks with gold leaf intermingled among the layered paint.

The inspiration came from an ancient story about a woman called Hagar who was a slave.

She was treated badly by her mistress and this caused her to run away and escape to a deserted place. In the wilderness and in the midst of her pain she meets an angel who speaks to her about her pregnancy (with Ishmael) and that God has heard her and seen her.

Hagar announces in Hebrew ‘El Roi’ meaning ‘the God who sees me.’ (Genesis 16.13 from the Bible.) Being seen gave Hagar courage.

May you also have courage in your life because God sees you.

‘May your eyes be opened to see the One who sees you. 

May your eyes glimpse just how much you are loved. 

May you know deep within that you are of great worth and value and that the creator of all things notices you and sees you.’ Amen

This print is made by Giclee printing on Hahemule German Etching paper. You can order a copy of a limited edition print by clicking here.


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