We had the joy of hosting Nigel Cameron and Julie Cameron-Hall at Lighthouse cafe in Great Gransden as part of their Celtish Christmas Tour of the UK and Ireland.

To put it simply, it was stunning.

A friend of mine described it as having a shower for the soul.

The tangible presence and lavish love of God was felt in the room as they played and sung- it was as if a river flowed! The beautiful sound washed over the audience that was made up of 50 or so people, a mix of locals who are part of our cafe and some people we hadn’t met before who had seen the advert.

To give you a flavour of what they did here is their opening number:

Julie and Nigel have a gift of exalting Christ at the heart of Christmas, but they do so much more than pointing their audience to the baby as being the reason for the season.

They helped us see the vastness and wonder of the Christ who will return one day soon.

They spoke gently about the vulnerability of God becoming flesh and a baby on earth as well as the King of Kings coming again.

Their explanation of songs and the christian faith was passionately given yet in a gentle and wonderfully credible way.

Below are another couple of snippets of what they did. If you get an opportunity to see them this advent, do not miss it! The tour dates are:

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