It’s become part of ‘what we do’ for our students at every residential at The Light Project College.

Every Sunday after lunch we send our students out with a gift to give away and yesterday each student received a pair of socks.

The challenge to them was to carry the socks and look for someone who needs them.

On previous occasions we’ve given our students bottles of oil for praying for people, stones with words of hope written on them, holding crosses and lots more!

This practical ‘gift giving’ to show something has very much been influenced by my fellow co-principal Glyn Jones. In his recent book on every day evangelism ‘The Peg and the Pumice Stone’ he shares stories of how God has used him to bring good news to people, often in symbolic and prophetic ways.

On my way home yesterday afternoon a man called Darren approached me asking for money. I was mid way getting my next train but the socks made me pause and think.

So, I was able to bless Darren with a small gift, a pair of new socks (his were all wet) and a blessing over his life. It was one of those ‘this is for you’ encounters. He seemed to really appreciate it. But I must be honest here. After a long weekend of teaching and leading our residential I was tired and without the gift of the socks I wouldn’t have engaged with Darren in the way I had.

The socks helped me reach out and connect with someone who needed them and needed good news.

So, I challenge you. Put a pair of new socks in your pocket and see who you will meet as you go on your way this week. I dare you to give them with an offer of prayer or blessing.

Let me know how you get on.

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