I’m on my way home from spending a weekend with one of the most beautiful bunches of people I have had the joy to teach and lead over a church weekend.

I’ve been with New Life Baptist Church from Nottingham as their guest speaker and I’m heading home deeply encouraged as, I must admit, and this is where I’m feeling somewhat vulnerable in admitting, I went to the weekend somewhat knackered.

The reason for my tiredness is that I haven’t been sleeping too well with a cough in the night, doubled with a hurt back as I was preparing to pack, I felt a bit all worn out and fed up!

So, on Friday afternoon a thought crossed my mind: ‘I will just get through this.’ But then deep within me a refusal to ‘just get through the weekend’ bubbled up like an unexpected burp and I resolved to bring Jesus to the people and the people to Jesus!

And what I weekend I’ve had. It was humbling to see people meet with God and grow and blossom in their faith!

I asked my two sisters to pray for me at the start of the weekend that I would be ‘powerfully prophetic’ and kind to the church I was teaching.

Their prayer was, I felt, wonderfully answered as people responded to the prophetic art work as well as to the teaching so well!

The people over the weekend was made up of different groups that make up the church, including a well-being cafe called ‘re:new’ and also people whom the church had met through Morrison’s cafe as part of a regular outreach.

I’m so pleased that I changed my mind from just to ‘get through’ to bringing Jesus to those he’s called me to teach as in so doing I became present to the people around me and what the Spirit wanted to do too.

I don’t ever want to be a ‘just get through this’ kind of Church leader and speaker. I long to bring fresh and powerful words of hope to all those I speak to.

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