I’ve just spent the weekend with Refresh Church helping them look out into their community. They’re great at it already, but they want to do so much lore!

The teaching wasn’t do what I do, but rather to do what they do.

When I share about what I do it opens up a load of permission for others to ‘have a go.’

You see the challenge for the weekend was to grow in their creativity in sharing their faith. To be intentional. To embrace the boy and girl-like adventure of being children who see the adventure in following Jesus and sharing their faith every day!

The church blew me away with their willingness to do new things and engage with people with the gospel.

The Friday evening was a meal followed by teaching. Saturday included more teaching and then a practical as did the afternoon. The activities were designed to stretch the church, to help them grow in the gifts that God has given them.

While they do so well and so much as a small church the sense was that the Spirit is calling them to do more and I had the JOY of helping them in their vision.

Here’s a short video that captured some of the amazing things the church got up to!

If you would like me to help your church reach out in creative and Holy Spirit inspired ways I have two weekend dates available from October 2020. Please do get in touch!

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