A little uplifting story from this morning:

I had the joy of leading communion at our Church this morning at the first service.

I enjoy inviting all those who are present to gather around the table and we serve one another the bread and wine around the circle and we also pray together.

As part of my role in sharing communion I share some words and hold up a chunky bread-roll and then break it as I repeat the words Jesus shared at the last supper.

Now, bear with me and picture this! On the table we have another bowl of chopped up bread. It’s pre-prepared and easy for people to grab a chunk. As we’re praying I have an urge to share the cut up bread into the bowl with the now broken loaf that I had used as an illustration.

I send this bowl with a mix of small cut up bits and broken bread to my right and the bowl with cut up bread to the left.

To my right there’s some tears of joy and something’s happening with one of our church members. It turns out that just as she grabbed a piece of bread there was her engagement ring which she has had for 64 years!

You might think, so what’s so special about that?! Well, this lady had searched her entire house, through the bins and couldn’t find her precious ring! She had helped cut up the bread the night before and the ring must have slipped into the bowl of pre-cut up bread and sat covered in the bottom. It was just ‘by chance’ that I had poured some bread (and her ring!) into another bowl and sent it round for her to find.

It felt like God was speaking! Yes, answered prayer for his precious daughter but also an object of value found within the symbol of the greatest gift of all.

4 thoughts on “The engagement ring of 64 years was lost and then found in the bowl with the communion bread!

  1. So where had the ring been? Surely not on her finger, surely not in the commuion bowl without it ever being washed up!!! Am I missing the very place where it was hidden/lost?

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