Serving as chaplain on a remote island without electricity or WiFi.

I’ve been back home for a couple of days now. I’m just about re-climatised. Although my head started spinning when I went into Morrison’s. It was so jam packed. And the choices.

For nearly two weeks I’ve enjoyed life as a chaplain on a very remote island. No shops. No cards. No noise. Well, apart from the eerie cry and call of tens of thousands of Manx Shearwaters that come back to their burrows at night laden with fish for their chicks.

The Chaplaincy role is ‘full on and full time’ as in I didn’t all of a sudden not be the island chaplain, whether I was swimming in the sea, leading services or enjoying a cup of tea, I was still very much the island chaplain! But it is also a role that affords lots of time to pray, reflect, create and simply ‘be.’

Here is a short film about serving as chaplain on Bardsey this year. I hope it captures the joys and beauty of the island. It’s a ‘thin place.’*

*= where the space between heaven and earth is thin.

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  1. Pam Cheesley-Hollinshead says:

    Thanks Chris, great blessings via the ether!

  2. What a great snapshot of your work there on the island.

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