Recently I led a small team of 7 people to explore different ways of painting with the hope that together we would then give some of the paintings away.

For some, this was a brand new experience so I gave plenty of time to ‘play’ with the materials and explore different techniques as well as ask for tips and ideas as to how a painting could ‘speak’ with a message.

After painting for a few hours we headed out from the church building into a suburb outside Cambridge.

The idea was to be ‘led’ by the Holy Spirit to people that we felt needed to have our pieces of art work. Some paintings carried specific messages with them while others were just beautiful paintings that we hoped would encourage and comfort those we met.

Some of us knocked on doors that we felt the Lord had specifically guided us to. Others waited for the people we felt we had already been told about before we ventured outside. One of the team ended up in someone’s home to explain the meaning of the painting. She was so well received as was her message of hope and encouragement that she brought.

3 of us found ourselves in the new Mosque in Cambridge and a painting was gently given to a women who had also ventured in to pray on her way to Newcastle from London. A divine appointment in the middle of a place of prayer.

Between the 7 of us and over an hour we met over 20 people for whom the paintings connected and made sense. One man we prayed for wanted more paintings from us but we explained that we wanted to meet even more people to bring good news to!

I found the experience of seeing people create and then share what they had created exhilarating!Especially to witness those who had never done anything like it before, to see them take paintings they had made and explore for who they were for was deeply encouraging!

Three instances stand out for me:

A couple were in Sainsburys cafe enjoying a cuppa when Heather who is a Light Project College student felt that one of her paintings was specifically for them.

It turned out this couple knew my mum and I knew a little about them too. The painting they were given and the prayer they received from Heather was spot on!

The second instance was watching Jeanine with her mouth wide open in surprise see a man with long orange hair walk towards us. Jeanine is a recent graduate of our college. Before leaving the church building she had felt that she would meet someone who had orange hair! You couldn’t get more orange than the brightly neon orange hair of this man! It was like a beacon upon his head. Before I knew it Jeanine had given the man a simple Celtic prayer based around feathers that I had painted but with specific words that she felt Jesus wanted the man to ‘keep in’ and ‘keep out.’ You May be familiar with the prayer. It’s called the ‘circle prayer’ asking Jesus to circle the person and keep (for example) peace in and darkness out.

The man revived both the prayer card and the actual prayer that accompanied it that Jeanine prayed over him very gratefully.

The third creative evangelism that I saw that encouraged me no end was the gentle and loving way Diana who is a student with us prayed for a man who was in some distress.

Her painting of ‘peace’ spoke right into the turmoil that he spoke to us about and Diana was able to pray for him and encourage him. He loved the painting so much and it was him who asked for more paintings from us!

At The Light Project College we are passionate about sharing the gospel in creative ways. Ways in which people can ‘get it’ and connect with. One of our mantras is ‘Good news needs to be understood as good news, otherwise it’s no news which is bad news!’

Is God calling you to train as a pioneer or evangelist? We have a few places left on our full time or part time training programme that starts in September. If you’re interested please email admissions on:

Or if you would like to read up more about our training follow this link.

We train people up to Degree level in Theology, Mission and Evangelism in lots of creative and practical ways to pioneer and bring the good news of Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Evangelism and art

  1. Hi Chris

    This is Sangeeta, we met at Lemon Flats, Sorrento. I’ve been looking through your website – all the things you do and your art work. I find the movement and light in your work very appealing! It’s all amazing and reminds me I’m at the beginning of my art journey which I hope will be an adventure and a success.


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