I spoke on Sunday morning at our church in Cambourne on Philip the evangelist. It’s a treat for me to speak about his life and the biblical stories about him. He’s a bit of a hero of mine.

As part of the talk I shared a poem that I had written years ago, but it fitted right into the example of Philips outrageous adventure in the Spirit. One of my challenges to the church was about being a bored christian. I meet too many. Christians who have become routined, stuck and same old same old!

I hope this simple poem encourages you to pursue the adventure in the slip stream of Jesus!

Catch me if you can

Are you bored?
Stuck in the mud of tedium?
Do you yawn at the dawn and sigh when the sky sparkles with lights fantastic?
Are you tired?
Stuck in the rut of
Or do you see?
The adventure
Day by day
Hour by hour
Wow, even minute by minute
Sounds intense? Yet it makes sense
That the One who says, ‘Come, follow me,’ would be
The One who moves to the new, to you
To others
That need the spark
Who sit in the dark
Need the ‘plug in life abundance’
The absurd dance
Merriment beyond the glass of plonk
Beyond the worshipful soft rock songs
He longs
That you and I belong
To a team of world changers
To have a safari in our place
To give chase
The One who says
Follow me
I’ve got a great plan
Catch me if you can! 

My Novel Philip is available from GILEAD Books.

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