Last weekend was our annual assembly for the Baptist Union, and what an uplifting time it was too.

It happened in Telford and rather than teach some seminars about evangelism I was asked to lead some outreach into the town centre for an opportunity for people to have a practical go at evangelism.

In the morning one person turned up for the experience but I wasn’t dismayed! We went off to the local Wetherspoons and I started painting some prayers for those around me, including one for one of the managers who I had spoken to as I tucked into a hearty breakfast earlier that day.

In the afternoon I had 4 people join me for the seminar and 3 went into the town centre to offer gifts with a message .

We spent an hour and half in the pub in the morning and then again in the afternoon- we had good conversations about faith and following Jesus with 12 people overall.

I ended up praying with one couple for healing as I had a word of knowledge about someone with a lower right back that needed healing.

One young lady was very tearful as she asked questions about my faith and felt that God had led me to come and talk to her and her friend.

Here’s some of the prophetic paintings I did:

This is one that one of the delegates did:

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