My socks and shoes are back on and the sandals and shorts are tucked away in my luggage.

I’m on a bus back home and I’m mulling over my trip to Malaga where I have been the ‘key note’ speaker for the Missions Europa Network. And as I get used to a colder climate writing a quick blog while the bus jiggles about with twists and turns it proves to be a good distraction from how cold my bald head feels at the moment.

The network is mainly a baptist grouping made up of many Western European nations with a healthy contingent from Texas representing different ministries and church groups who serve in summer camps and mission trips across Europe.

I was asked to talk about creative evangelism, something I’ve been honing and experimenting with for nearly 25 years. While the talks where well received with positive feedback, it was the bits in between that were like gold!

The opportunity for me to hear stories of mission and partnerships blew me away! The mutual support that church received from another for focused mission weeks was deeply encouraging. This ranged from a puppet and theatre show in London aided by a church in Vienna, a street festival in Berlin helped with a church from Malta.

I wanted to demonstrate what I did too as an evangelist so on two occasions I set up and painted for people in my ‘prayer painting’ style and showed some of the creative things I have done in pubs and cafes.

I also had an opportunity to spend time praying with and listening to some of the church leaders who were there and this was an immense privilege.

I have left the conference feeling somewhat optimistic about the state of mission and evangelism in Europe. Yes, of course so much more could be done, but what is already being done will, I believe, multiply and grow and grow.

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