My feet are up and the coffee’s on.

It’s the day after a residential with The Light Project College and the diary is clear.

It’s been a busy 4 days lecturing and as co-principle I have the joy of hosting too.

I can’t think of a more fulfilling role and job to have. I get to see students grow, recurve new gifts, engage in vibrant worship and praise and a load of people getting excited about theology, mission and evangelism. I get to see growing confidence, disciples forming and taking new resources out into the world to lead more people to Jesus.

I get a glimpse of Father God’s goal for each of his children- that they should become more and more like His son Jesus.

This last residential was full of lectures, 12 hours of teaching for each student. For some they had an introduction to Biblical studies lecture and I taught ‘Creative Arts and Media in Mission and Evangelism.’ Others had a practical and went off into Birmingham to spend time on the streets.

We also had lavish times of worship and prayer and on the Saturday night I introduced creative prayer stations and soaking prayer.

One creative prayer station was an opportunity for students to be prayed for about speaking in tongues. Another prayer station was all about prophetic art. I painted around 20 pictures seeking to bring the heart of God to those I painted for.

We also had a ‘station’ for prophetic words and one that used the Jesus Deck to help students engage in prayer as well as a prayer station that was a ‘sound portrait’ singing type one!

If you know anyone who would value being trained in our FdA in Theology, mission and evangelism (and subject to validation our BA) then please do get in touch! You can train with us full time (3 years) Or part time (5years.)

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