Last night we had our monthly ‘Encounter’ service at Cambourne Church, near Cambridge.

It’s a monthly worship and teaching gathering that emphasises the ‘have a go at using the gifts of the Spirit.’

There’s space to dance and express oneself in worship. We also have an artist each time we meet who paints or creates something that will speak prophetically. Sometimes I’m the artist bit last night my role was to speak.

Steph was our painter and this is what she produced. Read the explanation below. It’s powerful!

I love this description of Jesus being the mountain mover!

May you know this today for yourself, the impossible situations moving by the one who brings life!

2 thoughts on ““I am the Resurrection and The Life.”

  1. Wow Chris This blessed me so so much today. I’ve a couple mountains troubling me right now. Good to be reminded about the mountain mover. I’ve seen him move mountains. I long to see him do it again. I think I told you that my close friend Bernie died three weeks ago. That’s Dave Holmes Dad. I took his funeral last Tuesday and it went very well. But I’m going to miss him so much. Every blessing – Dave

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