I’m thinking a lot about ‘obedience’* to King Jesus and the things he asks me to do and whether I do them or not.

It’s not just that the New Year brings in a sense of resolutions and a desire for a closer and better walk with Jesus, it’s also, (and I must be honest here) that I am speaking on obedience this Sunday at our home Church in Cambourne.

How can I encourage people to be obedient to Jesus when I know there’s a few things I have a hunch he’s asked me to do that I simply haven’t done?

I was pondering the whole thing of obedience on my way to a meeting today travelling through London. As I walked past the same pink car I have seen for over a year parked up outside a very swanky hotel I was gently reminded that I hadn’t left a card and message that I believed the Lord had wanted me to share with the owner of the car. I resolved to leave a card on my return journey.

Sooo… After my days meeting and while waiting for the train I carefully chose a card with the right picture on the card that went with the simple message that I believed I needed to share. After paying an exorbitant amount of money i carefully wrote the message that I believed the Lord wanted me to share.

Only, when I walked passed the car I couldn’t simply leave the card on the windscreen as a burly security guard, with radio ear piece and bowler hat was watching me very carefully. It was dark and I felt somewhat ‘car burglar’ like amongst the Bently’s and Rolls Royce’s.

I approached him with my card in hand and gently explained that I had been praying for sometime and needed to leave a card for the owner of the pink car. He directed me to go and talk to the staff member who is responsible for the cars and I once more explained the long process of me wanting to leave a card and how it contained a blessing. It turned out that the person who owned the car was a friend of his!

He promised to deliver the card and thought the gesture was a lovely thing to do!

I must admit walking away towards Kings across station I had a deep feeling that at last, I had been obedient. I had delivered a letter from the heart of father God to one of his children who needed to know how loved they were.

*= Obedience: when a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure.

One thought on “Obedience

  1. I’m thinking that it was remarkable how open those other two members of staff were – how they could so easily (as you might have expected) told you to get lost. But God, in his grace, touched three lives, because of your ( eventual 🙂) obedience. Amazing.

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