My role as chaplain comes to an end this week…It’s been an awesome 9 years, here’s some highlights

When I first started my role as city center chaplain in Peterborough my son was 9 years old. We had recently moved into the area and his new teacher asked him what his dad did for a job. he thought long and hard and eventually answered, ‘my dad helps people love Jesus.’ In hearing that story my job description was for ever changed.

That is the simplicity of what I do: I long and ache for others to also love Jesus. He alone is worth the love and worship that we can bring and I believe that following Him is the best life any person could ever have!

Over the last 9 years I’ve taken a day a week and for 6 years a Sunday a month to share Jesus and lead a growing team of chaplains. I have met thousands upon thousands of people from all cultures and have been able to share my faith, sow precious seeds of the gospel and helped some people follow Christ too.

Here are some of the highlights:


6 thoughts on “My role as chaplain comes to an end this week…It’s been an awesome 9 years, here’s some highlights

  1. Chris! You can’t leave! At least not without us saying goodbye? What next? Are you leaving the area? You are an amazing chaplain. You have been the light in our city centre. God bless you. Steve and Jeni

  2. Chris, you’re an absolute legend and the streets of Peterborough won’t be the same without your infectious smile lighting up our days. The photo of the leather armchair and the ‘I will listen’ sign nearly bought me to tears, so powerful. All the best with your next adventure – you’ll rock it!

  3. Awe-some stuff, Chris. You have been an inspiration to countless other thousands you haven’t necessarily met in person (such as Claire-Lise and I), and the impact for the Kingdom is huge – and our amazing God will take it and make it even bigger. May He guide and bless you in the next stage of your epic journey with Him. Thank-you for your faithfulness….

  4. It was awesome to be part of the journey from November 2011 to December 2012. I’ve never forgotten the impact it had on me and the amazing adventures we had on the streets. I loved the innovative God ideas from to the blackboards in Norwich. In Bridlington I have now changed church and there are opportunities to go out on the streets and do events around the town building on ideas I gained from the Light Project and even considering the idea of doing a chaplaincy. Hope all goes well, Chris, with your new venture. I remember you always had a passion to do pub ministry and I remember that you took us all out in Clacton to do a demonstration of how it might work. God Bless in all you do. Jenny Hornett

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