I’ve spent a few hours on the streets of Peterborough with a trainee vicar on placement with me called Keri. She’s an incredibly gifted people person.

We met together to reach out to all kinds of people, but we especially wanted to bring something of the good news to people who are Muslim.

We both have a heart to connect with and gently share as well as learn about Islam from Muslims in Peterborough.

As we prepared to start our ‘outreach’ we had already met a few people, praying for one man who was burdened and warmly invited prayer. The funny thing was that we hadn’t even officially ‘started’ or had an opportunity to pray for the day! And we were naturally meeting with people who we were able to offer prayer to and share words of hope.

A Muslim lady approached us (highly unusual) and asked us what we were doing. We explained and she seemed fascinated and we spoke with her about Jesus. We also gave her Keri’s hot chocolate that we had with us!

She took a copy of Johns’s gospel for her children to read.

The trainee vicar and I were somewhat flabbergasted as to how God was working right before our eyes. We hadn’t even tried to do anything and already he had brought someone to us! This continued for a couple of hours as we met with and helped all kinds of people in the city.

Our experience reminded me of a phrase I’ve heard time and time again:

The barrier to the gospel isn’t ‘out there’ it’s ‘in here.’

Too often we think people won’t be responsive to the message of Jesus and are often surprised when they are.

The thing is, his life and message is such good news!

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