I took part in some Christmas outreach with the churches in the city centre.

Organised by my friend Jonathan at Park Road Baptist Church he had arranged some awesome puppets, a craft table, lots of chocolate, and ‘happy birthday Jesus’ balloons! Crowds gathered to watch the puppets- they were sooooo good!

I brought along an old maze that I have used over the years and placed Jesus in a manger in the middle and encouraged people to explore and find Jesus.

I gave anyone who wanted to have a go in finding Jesus in the middle a heart where they could write their name on it.

The idea was inspired by that old Christmas carol in the bleak mid winter!

What can I give Him, 
  Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
  I would bring a lamb,
If I were a wise man
  I would do my part,
Yet what I can I give Him, 
  Give my heart.

One thought on “Yet what I can I give Him?… Give my heart.

  1. Amazing idea with the hearts on the manger. I always use the last verse of In the bleak mid-winter. All the best for all the other opportunities you will have this month.

    I’ve got two huge ones this week – please could you pray Chris.

    Monday is our 10th Edenpark Street Nativity – we usually have over 60 neighbours out in the street singing carols.

    Wednesday I’m speaking a ladies meal at Church – loads of not yet Christians. Joint event with Mother’s Union and Prenton Ladies. Prenton ladies is a secular group that meet in our hall. They join together for this one event a year and take turns in arranging a speaker. MU has asked me because I had an amazing evening with them back on Feb 14th speaking on ‘The Magic of Love’. I’m really nervous about Wed.

    Every blessing – Dave

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