Once a year a small group of students graduate amongst hundreds of others in the beautiful Cathedral in Chester.

They graduate in a Foundation Degree in Theology, Mission and Evangelism which we run as a partner of the University of Chester.

It’s an occasion rightly filled with pomp and ceremony to mark the hard work and study of all the students and for ours it feels like an amazing opportunity to celebrate their degree in ‘Revealing Jesus’ and showing and telling people the immense powerful good news of Jesus.

I got to share in the ceremony today alongside one of my co-leaders Glyn Jones who is the programme leader for our FdA and a fellow evangelist.

Their degree is worthy of celebration because of the self development and education that each student has put themselves through, the new things they’ve discovered and the friendships made. But above all that, people have encountered Jesus through them. First time hearers of good news have found hope. People who have sat in darkness have encountered the light of Christ in our students- now that’s worth partying for!


2 thoughts on “A highlight in the year!

  1. Hi Chris Brilliant to see your students graduating – how exciting. Wow you’re wearing a dog college and robes!! No shorts? Are you getting more mature? That’s OK as long as it’s still fun. Never loose your joyful enthusiasm. Now why are you not wearing your MA hood? Not many evangelists have an MA in evangelism. My MA graduation was not all fun. The lady going on stage behind me was blind. I had the task of waiting for her – helping her off the platform – and exhorting her back to her seat. I forgot all about her. When I remembered and turned back she was already walking towards to edge of the platform. I ran back! Fortunately a steward had seen it all and moved in to help her!! I felt so embarrised. Every blessing – Dave

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