I spent the morning painting at Argo Lounge in Peterbough . It’s a trendy place, comfy and retro rolled into one.

The staff are awesome and they welcome the chaplaincy team every Friday, this morning our two amazing chaplains John and Margaret couldn’t make it so I stepped in and covered for them in a place I rarely minister in as chaplain, but always enjoy it!

It was an absolute treat. Talk about being in my element of painting and sharing my faith. What made it better was being joined by a friend who I have got to know through the other pub. Sean has been a great encouragement to what I do and this morning he painted with me.

I ended up painting a few paintings that carried some messages that I hoped and prayed would speak volumes to those I gently offered them to.

Here are the paintings:

Close Rescue
Close Rescue
5 words of hope
Darkness over light
Psalm 139

I also painted for a family a simple picture of waves, with ‘Shhhhhhh’ written amongst the waves. The painting accompanied the story of Jesus calming the storm, when the waves were stilled.

It’s such a simple thing to do. Take time to sue what you’ve got to let others know their worth and value.

Most people simply don’t know they are loved and known by God. If you do know this, please don’t keep it a secret!

One thought on “A morning of painting and just being…

  1. I think art has a way of expressing ones self you can loose yourself with imaginary thoughts, nice to see Sean with you encouraging you talents for Art, Joan Sean’s mum xx

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