My lovely Dad died a year ago today. I had the absolute privilege of holding his hand as he went from one kingdom to the next.

It was the most extraordinary feeling to see him die- the presence of heaven was thick and weighty and tangible.

Today I spoke to church leaders gathered to hear about the exciting developments of Light Project Peterborough. We’re gearing up to having a day centre for people who are homeless as well as run the amazing winter night shelter.

I spoke about the pub ministry and our aim to bring heaven… hope, peace and significance to those that we meet who have yet to make sense of Jesus.

Knowing my dad is ‘in heaven’ and that heaven is a place that will be physical and tangible and newly intertwined with the new earth that will be transformed… well, this gives me an energy to let others know that this life on Earth is not it. There is an eternity to come.

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