One of the regulars at the pub made me laugh today. Lots. I had the privilege of sitting with him as I drank copious amounts of coffee and he sipped on his pint of Abbots sharing some stories about his marriage and work in post war Austria.

I’ve heard many of Bob’s* tales before. He tends to repeat them, especially after he’s had a couple of pints!

But today I heated how when he got married to his wife people said it wouldn’t last. 70 years later I had the privilege of giving him a Platinum anniversary card and to listen to some funny stories from his marriage. His wife is now in a care home and he visits every day. Without fail.

After listening to Bob it got me thinking. I’m very much aware of what I have to offer people. My belief is (I believe) worth sharing and I so much long for others to know that they are known and loved by God. It’s good news what I’ve got and I’m ready to share it.

But today I felt like the one who was blessed and built up. Bob’s love for his wife and tenacity in times of strife reminded me of the precious life long commitment I’ve made to my wife. Without a doubt I glimpsed the beautiful work of God in his life. I saw once again the astonishing reality of people made in the image of the Devine. It really is stunning.

His funny tales made me laugh out loud in the pub this morning and I’m so thankful for the privilege of ministering to and with people who have yet to make sense of the gospel. My prayer for Bob is that he would see clearly how God has been working in his life and showing how loved he truly is!

* name changed.

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