I had a meeting in Sheffield today and on the train I got chatting to a man who was dressed in brown and beige.

We had a fascinating conversation about spirituality and he shared with me about his recent adventures in art and creativity which was sparked by him watching me write in my sketch pad.

He spoke with a twinkle in his eye as he tried to convey the feelings of nourishment to his soul that he encountered as he painted. This is something I too feel and enjoy when painting and was able to relate to his recent experience.

As we walked from the train talking I was reminded about the bouncy ball I had put in my pocket earlier that morning. I felt compelled to give it to him as a gift and explained that I have lots and lots of joy in my life and I wanted him to experience joy too in his life.

It seemed to make sense.

It was such a simple gift to give but one that carried some weight and meaning.

What is it that you can give to someone to remind them of a life in all it’s fullness?

One thought on “The beige man on the train and the bouncy ball

  1. I am 57 years old, and have a bouncy ball ( and often a bottle of bubbles) tucked inside every bag I use, plus a bouncy ball in some coat pockets… You never know when they might be useful!

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