One of the joys of what I do is that I get to paint commissions for people for significant occasions in their lives.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, brightening up a home as well as being a reminder to the recipient some of the promises of God over their lives.

Birthdays, retirements, new roles in ministry or anniversary’s are some of the occasions I’ve painted for people and have been able to bring some insights and affirmation from, I believe, God’s heart to those I paint for.

This unique picture painting also part funds me to do what I do as an evangelist.

Here’s some recent paintings I’ve done over the past two months. I haven’t included any of the descriptions and meanings as they remain personal for the recipient:

If you would like me to paint for you please do ask me! You can email mr at

The price list for 2018 for commissions can be found on this blog by following this link.

In 2019 I shall be increasing the cost of doing commissions by around 25% due to the amount of work I like to give to each project and because I would like to continue to use the best quality paints and canvases that I can!

For the rest of 2018 you can place an order with me at the cost detailed on my blog even if the finished painting is done for early 2019. I have a two month waiting list so please do get your orders in!

God bless you,


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