I’ve left with a spring in my step and a hope that more and more churches could emulate their heart for the community and be proactive in reaching people, like St Marks community cafe are.

I’m on my way home from Bristol thinking about my experience in a vibrant community cafe today. The best way to describe what they do is messy. In a good way!

In the midst of lovingly serving and helping all kinds of people from different cultures and backgrounds, Jesus is shared.

When I was there people came and went all the time, mums with push chairs, families, people who are homeless- what really struck me was the way everyone was known by name by the cafe manager.

The cafe is serving a community that needs practical and spiritual help. 45% of the people who come to the cafe qualify for a free meal.

It’s a church with an open door and clear windows, so that people can see in and they can see out.

My prayer and hope is that more and more Churches would do more like St Marks do. To be church throughout the week, not just once a week.

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