My co-worker Revd Glyn Jones has recently written some insights to sharing faith. It’s awesome what he’s written. Enjoy!

A student has asked me any thoughts on sharing faith so here are mine – for what it’s worth…

Become more yourself – no more and no less, that is the way God made you and become happy with that – that is different from ‘be yourself’ which is a static state. Becoming yourself means developing those things in you that God made and designed. Muscles and movements which are yours may be stiff at first if unused but if they are ‘you’, they will develop strength and their movement will become natural. Things which are not you will not only start unnatural but will become more and more unnatural. When talking about faith, don’t overcompensate (God doesn’t need a hand) but don’t underdo because you are trying to be modest – both lack integrity.

Develop attention and intention –

Ways of being attentive to God, the surroundings and people you meet. Stopping to absorb what is happening in a place, stopping to listen to the Holy Spirit and actively listening to people as you meet them without trying to crowbar in an attempt at the gospel. Trust that you will hear God – he tells us that he will speak. Develop interruptability – the ability to see interruptions as natural way that God crosses our paths with people.

Ways of being intentional – ask God to show you about people and situations you will meet ahead of time. I have a picture in mind of a red cushion in a shop window and when I see it Ill pop into that shop to see why. Try taking object out with you and be prepared to give it or share it with someone should the opportunity arise. I carry little holding crosses and painted stones or metal hearts. Try challenging your peers to carry something also. Learn by heart some of the key Scriptures that have been pivotal in your own life so well that that are part of you. Try writing out in 100 words your own reasons for why you have faith to help you understand what God has done – writing it helps you see afresh and consolidate it in a way that is different.

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