This painting is about the good news of Jesus that doesn’t change.

The means of which the gospel is communicated does change however, and it needs to adapt for the sake of those who have yet to make any sense of the message of Jesus.

The painting depicts the harvest; it is white and is white throughout the generations: From first century Jerusalem through to the pioneering Celts to DJ’s in Ibiza, the harvest is white.

Today, people from the most unlikely of backgrounds are becoming Christians including  DJ’s and people from the dance and club culture.

At The Light Project college we train pioneers and evangelists to go into the midst of the harvest and demonstrate good news to those who have yet to hear and seek to connect the unchanging ancient truths with a new voice.

This painting was commissioned by the magazine Magnet which is out now.

The original painting is for sale for £245. For enquiries please contact me on by emailing

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