I’ve heard a number of times recently from people I’ve met the phrase “It was meant to be…”

Today was no exception as a lady in the pub was prayed for. It was the first time she had been ‘out’ in 7months apart from hospital appointments. At the time of being prayed for by one of the team I was painting a ‘mighty oak tree’ with the encouragement ‘keep strong.’

The painting was for her and she shared how she needed to keep strong as her broken ankle and torn ligaments meant she had stop work and put her home up for sale. She declared that she would bounce back and keep strong. She affirmed again that this meeting of strangers was meant to be!

Later on as someone poured out their hearts about how they were doing they declared: “this conversation was meant to be.”

Perhaps you would call these kind of encounters ‘divine appointments.’ Or ‘God-incidences.’ For people who don’t have a ‘spiritual’ vocabulary they simply state that it’s ‘meant to be.’

It’s a sense of God working in people’s lives that gives an opportunity to explain his care and kindness.

How have you had ‘it was meant to be’ kind of experiences recently?

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