I’ve been pondering what it means for the Spirit to fall upon people.

Last week I delivered a lecture on the Gospel as Signs and Wonders. At the heart of the lecture was this idea that the Holy Spirit loves to fall on the friends of Jesus but also on those becoming the friends of Jesus. That often people who have yet to hear the gospel experience God’s presence first.

The Greek for fall in this context is Epipito, like in Acts 10.44 “While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word.”

Epipito means to be ‘Embraced with affection.”

This painting of a wave is a symbol of this all consuming falling, embracing with affection.

It measures 50cm by 50cm and is for sale at £150 plus package and postage of £20.

Limited (to 10) edition prints with a mount (20cm by 20cm) are available at £50 which includes postage. They’re top notch etched paper prints!

Please email me at chris.duffett@me.com to enquire about the painting or to order a limited edition print.

Lastly, may you know the falling of the Spirit upon you.

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